At Acupuncture Cumbria we offer the specialist technique of Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture (FRA) & Massage - a natural and safe beauty therapy. During your course of treatment a variety of FRA techniques may be employed.  For example, acupuncture, derma-roller, electro-acupuncture, facial massage or Tens.

For optimum results an initial course of 10 weekly or bi-weekly treatments is recommended. 
Ruth is a professional traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist.  She has extensive training and bases her Facial Acupuncture on a comprehensive traditional Acupuncture diagnosis.  Her facial treatment\'s employ traditional techniques and sytemic body acupuncture also.  She is registered with the British Acupuncture Council who respond to some of your questions below:

Q: I have read that acupuncture can be used as a facial rejuvenation. What are your thoughts on this?

Q: I am a beauty therapist who would really love to offer Facial/Cosmetic Acupuncture for my clients. however, I am not interested in any other form of acupuncture. Do I still need to do the full university course to learn Body Acupuncture or is there another course I can take that only teaches Facial/Cosmetic Acupuncture?

A: This is a hot potato! And you're probably asking the wrong people - we have a public commitment to degree-level training as the entry standard to the profession, and a Code of Professional Conduct which forbids our members from training anyone in aspects of treatment unless they are already registered healthcare professionals or existing acupuncture practitioners.

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