A Letter of Thanks ...

Dear Ruth,

It is with great joy that I can announce the beautiful, safe and healthy arrival of our daughter. A much long awaited miracle we thought would never happen and I must offer my sincere gratitude to yourself for helping make this dream a reality.

After several upsetting disappointments, your empathy and professionalism together with your expertise helped and supported my health and lifestyle whilst balancing my emotional and physical well-being. Your immense skill as a practitioner in providing me with such a calming environment and supporting my hopes and dreams by fine-tuning my body to support and promote the IVF process.

 I have nothing but recommendations for the part acupuncture plays in facilitating a most emotional, physical and mental process.

Without totally immersing your heart and mind and inspiring positivity at all stages. I may not have been blessed with our special little girl whom every day I look at in total amazement and treasure every minute with her.

May I wish you continued success with your practice and making dreams come true.

Kindest Regards, JH (January, 2017)

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