Natural Hayfever Relief

Puffy, itchy watery eyes? Cough, sneezing, runny nose, wiped out? Hayfever.

I yearn for summer until that is that I remember that over the past few years I have developed hayfever. Yesterday I went for a long, windy bike ride and woke up with puffy eyes…it can take a few hours of cooling eye masks, facial yoga and acupuncture for them to get back to normal.

What is hay fever?
Hay fever is a common allergic condition caused by pollen. It’s the proteins in pollen that cause irritation to the nose, eyes, throat and sinuses. As I was out on my bike, it was the wind-borne pollen causing my problems (hay fever is only caused by wind-pollinated plants, like grasses, trees and weeds).

Why am I getting it now when I’ve never had it before?
It’s only for the past couple of years that I’ve experienced hayfever. As an acupuncturist I view my body holistically and self-diagnose and treat.

Very briefly and hugely over-simplified:  I have a history of eczema and family history of asthma and hayfever. I have constitutionally weak Lung qi (energy) and as I get older (now in my 40’s) my Kidney Qi weakens also…this leads to a vulnerability to external allergens, such as pollen. My body’s defences aren’t as strong as they used to be and the pollen knocks my immune system off kilter.

Here’s how I manage my symptoms…

Is there any way to avoid hay fever?
It’s hard to avoid pollen, but I try to keep windows in buildings and cars shut when there’s a high pollen count, and avoid walking in grassy areas during the afternoon and early evening, when symptoms can be worse. As pollen gets trapped in hair, I wash mine regularly – I forgot to wash it after my bike ride.

Natural Help – my Top 5
Obviously, I try to manage my hayfever naturally if I can (admittedly, this is not always enough!)

1. try homeopathic anti-histamines

2. drink nettle tea or summer flowers tea (a blend of chamomile flowers, nettle leaf & eyebright herb) – I get mine from Napiers, organic, loose

3. eat local honey

4. reduce consumption of dairy - avoid milk, cheese, chocolate. Reduce sugar, salt, caffeine (see ‘500 of the most important health tips you’ll ever need,’ Hazel Courteney for a longer list)

5. try traditional Acupuncture to reduce symptoms and prepare your defences for 2018 by booking a course of acupuncture to address constitutional imbalances.

As the British Acupuncture Council states in it’s response to the questions: Can Acupuncture help hay fever?

“The received wisdom inside the modern profession is that it is better to commence treatment before the time that the condition, if it is seasonal, would normally present, and our clinical experience has been that once the condition has kicked in, a reduction in the severity of the symptoms is the best that one can hope for. If the condition is always present, it can sometimes be a long haul to bring the system back to a point where the symptoms are minor and bearable.” Read whole article here.

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